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Running ESLint in Atom for Mozilla Development

Mike Ratcliffe's avatarMike Ratcliffe | October 18, 2016

Due to some recent changes in the way that we use eslint to check that our coding style linting Mozilla source code in Atom has been broken for a month or two.

I have recently spent some time working on Atom's linter-eslint plugin making it possible to bring all of that linting goodness back to life!

From the root of the project type:

./mach eslint --setup

Install the linter-eslint package v.8.00 or above. Then go to the package settings and enable the following options:

Eslint Settings

Figure 1: Eslint Settings in Atom

Once done, you should see errors and warnings as shown in the screenshot below:

Eslint in Atom

Figure 1: Eslint in Atom

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